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Our Kubernetes architecture is one of our key competitive differentiators. We had been monitoring vCluster as an open-source technology since 2021, but the commercial offering and support that Loft Labs built around the core technology made it possible for us to ultimately incorporate virtual Kubernetes clusters into our cloud architecture,

vCluster Pro is the first proven solution for operationalizing virtual Kubernetes clusters at scale and we continue to be impressed by the Loft Labs team and the innovations they ship to customers like us.

Brian Venturo

CSO at CoreWeave

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Integrated CoreDNS

Consolidates all three vCluster components—CoreDNS, APIServer and Syncer—into a single pod, simplifying the architecture and making virtual clusters even more lightweight and faster to start.

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Cross-vCluster DNS

Provides a CoreDNS plugin bundled into vCluster Pro which gives admins the capability to open the virtual cluster up to reach other services that run in the underlying host cluster or even in another virtual cluster.

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After an admin adds a service to the allow list, users inside the virtual cluster can reach this service via cluster-internal DNS hostnames, which is convenient and secure.

Isolated Control Plane

Allows companies to run the virtual clusters’ control plane components in a separate cluster, isolated from the workloads created by tenants within the virtual cluster.

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This isolation of control planes from the workloads is important to run virtual clusters in production and allows enterprises to run multiple workloads anywhere while ensuring stable operation, high availability and strict access control for the most critical component of a virtual cluster—the control plane.

Virtual Admission Control

Enables admins to define admission control restrictions that are enforced at the virtual cluster level rather than just at the host cluster level.

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This additional level of admission control ensures that users cannot make unauthorized changes to essential resources even when they have cluster-admin permissions, creating an additional layer of control and security.

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